REES46 – Drive more revenue with niche-specific personalization engine
for eCommerce
Uses opportunities you’ve never thought about to bring you money you’ve never expected.
Converts visitors to buyers. Makes visitors come back. Repeats sales. Collects reviews. Works for you while you approve the budget.


Why REES46?

Store revenue growth

REES46 tools assume up to 50% of all sales. Check it by yourself in a 14-day free trial.

12-tool complex

Cover all your marketing needs with one touch. Easy to manage all the tools from your account.

Easy to start, easy to tune

You can create recommendation blocks, letters, customize search and popup behavior logic. You do not need developers for that.

Customizable personalization

Create product recommendation logic for your store targets. Segment your customers according to scores of parameters – from their income level to their car brand.

Transparent and accurate analytics

Adjustable charts and reports that can be downloaded. Calculate total returns brought by every REES46 tool.

Quick A/B tests

Test different assumptions for product recommendations or email newsletters by launching tests just in 1 minute. Let only best solutions work.

Management and analytics in a single window

Evaluate every tool performance, monitor dynamics, test your assumptions and choose the best strategy.

You're in a Good Company

REES46 is trusted by online retailers and brands around the world.



Monthly visitors:
less than 25K /mo
Product recommendations
Bulk campaigns
Drip campaigns
Search engine


Monthly visitors:
from 25К to 50К /mo
Product recommendations
Bulk campaigns
Drip campaigns
Search engine


Monthly visitors:
more than 50К /mo
Product recommendations
Bulk campaigns
Drip campaigns
Search engine
URL shortener
NPS 360°
Personal manager
Priority support