Progressive Personalization in Online Stores Selling Pet Products

Every product in every retail segment – Consumer Electronics, Apparel, FMCG or Pet Products – requires a different sales approach. For example, in Pet Products, you have the two rival audiences: cat owners and dog owners. Start recommending a dog owner cat food, and you’ll see a burst of indignation. Given the situation, it is vital for a Pet Products online retailer to pay attention to the in-store algorithms generating product recommendations.

From this post, you are going to learn about the Progressive Personalization technology and the significant benefits it holds for every owner of a Pet Products online store.

First, let’s answer the question why the product recommendations quality is so important in this retail segment.

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15 eCommerce Events to Attend in Spring 2017

Spring is traditionally a big conference time. Today, we are presenting you a selection of significant eCommerce events of this spring organized in US, Europe, Russia and CIS. If we forgot about some events or you have a better option on your mind, leave us a comment.

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Progressive Personalization in Apparel & Accessories

Customer experience in Apparel & Accessories differs from any other retail segment. In this segment, the key role in the purchase decision is given to factors that may be insignificant in other product categories. For instance, size – the customer is shopping for products of a particular size. Individual brand preferences – the customer first tries to find an option within their favorite brands, before moving to any other. Gender – 99% of the time a woman will shop for products for women.

A quick comparison with any other category, for example, smartphones: an iPhone 7 will fit well in both women’s and men’s hands, regardless of their height or body type. An entirely different set of factors influences the purchase decision in this category.

What does this mean for a retail Apparel & Accessories company? Product personalization must rely on the key parameters relevant to each customer and prospect; the size (clothing and shoe), gender, brand preferences. Very often, online retail companies make a blunt mistake ignoring these key parameters in their personalization.

In this special post, we analyzed different retail Apparel & Accessories companies’ experience. You will understand their mistakes from our visual examples. Learn why Big Data-based personalization fails to deliver any tangible results, whereas a Progressive Personalization-driven approach leads to a solid rise in conversion, ARPU, and AOV.

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Customer Lifecycle Management Made Easy

Each customer travels a big journey from a point A to a point B. While the customer is moving from the initial interest in the product to a final purchase decision, the store is navigating the way and keeping the customer excited and wanting to return again. This process is as easy as it sounds if you know the right equipment and have the map.

Let us guide you through the storm of data to a clear know-how of the CLM (customer lifecycle management).

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How Can UGC Help Online Retailers?

UGC stands for user-generated content i.e. the content created by the user. You cannot underestimate its value in modern eCommerce – today each type of UGC is itself a useful conversion tool.  You can convert via product reviews, seller ratings, even via hashtagged photos, video reviews and contest materials from your audience.

Let’s focus on the main three types of UGC: photos, video and written reviews.

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Everything to Know About Double Opt-In

How often do you get an email confirmation request when you subscribe or sign up for some service? A wild guess – as often as any of us these days. We all get such emails on a daily basis subscribing for news, updates and registering new accounts.

For those of you, who don’t yet know that this process has a name, a particular function and is regulated legally by the regional laws (to the point your business may have to pay a handsome fee for skipping this procedure), this article is going to be a revelation. For the rest, it’s just gonna be good news because we at REES46 now provide you with a Double Opt-in option.

Ready to begin? Let’s delve into the basics!

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The Key Metrics to Track in Online Store

In online retail, it is possible to track almost everything: from your Facebook page likes to lifetime value of every customer, but it takes much time and efforts to get the data and focus on the metrics that matter for your online store growth.

Let’s dive into the world of data and decide what metrics are vital for our store and what metrics should be considered vanity metrics.

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How to Keep Calm and Enable REES46 Feedback Tool

There are more ways to work with customer feedback than you can imagine. Public customer forums used as helpdesks to resolve upcoming issues. Monthly surveys to learn what your customers think about your services. VoC services. Visual bug trackers running online on your website. Google Forms. The list goes on…

What has been lost between the lines? The two activity types essential for effective feedback management:

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Build a Lucrative Online Business with PrestaShop

Some people call PrestaShop “Opencart’s little brother” or “different platform for creating online stores”, but the facts are self-spoken. Here is a fact  — PrestaShop is one of the most actively employed platforms for online business. Here is another fact  — 300,000 successfully operating stores are built on PrestaShop.

If these facts sound small to you, here is an infographic — to see… at scale:

PrestaShop is only the third after Magento and WooCommerce (Host IQ)

What Makes PrestaShop So Well-demanded

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