The Key Metrics to Track in Online Store

In online retail, it is possible to track almost everything: from your Facebook page likes to lifetime value of every customer, but it takes much time and efforts to get the data and focus on the metrics that matter for your online store growth.

Let’s dive into the world of data and decide what metrics are vital for our store and what metrics should be considered vanity metrics.

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What can help you make the most of customer feedback

Gathering and analyzing customer feedback is essential to any online store. To keep up with the rapidly changing world of online retail, you need to know the reasons behind the actions. What if you knew exactly how your customer thinks? What if you could always keep your customer satisfied and ready to buy more? Do you think it’s impossible?

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Situational Marketing: How to Capitalize on 404 Page

“Not Found” page is way more than a simple error page. It’s a breaking point in customer experience, and at the same time a good opportunity to get customers to the purchase. This is especially true for online retail where you must squeeze the most out of every page.

According to the statistics, half of all the stores that use product recommendations, place them on their 404 pages.

But it’s not the ultimate way to make the 404 page work. Let’s check some examples.

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Niche Solution That Will Increase Your “Baby & Kids Products” Online Sales

Baby & Kids eCommerce is a broad shopping category in online retail. Almost every online store sells baby & kids products — whether it’s an apparel, toys, furniture, FMCG or any other specialty store (with a few exceptions targeting the adult toy niche). This essentially means that baby & kids products are now sold in regular online stores as well as in specialized online outlets.

Even Tesco sells baby seats

REES46_“Baby & Kids Products” niche solution

That’s why every online business should include the specifics of marketing products in the Baby & Kids category into its consumer target strategy.

What parameters to consider in your consumer target strategy in the Baby & Kids category

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A Killer Holiday Sale: Safety Tips for eCommerce


“Today is a holiday invented by greeting card companies. To make people feel like crap.”

Joel, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”

What’s common between Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Christmas? For some it may be the joy, but for the market it’s the buoyant holiday sales. Much like offline outlets, online market shines with every color known to man. But wait, what do you back up these surface changes with? Where’s your solid plan?

Here are 7 great tips to arm your online store to the teeth for any holiday sale:

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7 eCommerce Marketing PitFalls

Having an ecommerce marketing strategy seems so easy on paper. People want your product. You sell that product. It’s a matter of connecting the two sides. Where can you go wrong, right? Sadly, it’s a bit more complicated than that. How many times have you wondered what you did wrong or which is the right way to go?

The next time you find yourself struggling to find the right solution, stop and look at the most common mistakes other people make in this field and learn from their experience.

This article may not give you a “one-size fits all” path to success but it will certainly highlight the 7 spots you don’t ever want to hit on your way up.

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Why OpenCart is so cool to kickstart your eCommerce business?


No doubt, the store engine influences too many factors, such as:

  • Price. The cheaper the better — hardly anybody wants to pay through the nose to access the market.
  • Launch simplicity. OpenCart is suitable for small and medium sized online business and enables you to easily build and launch an online store in no time without coding.
  • eCommerce focus. Everybody understands that it is not easy to create a CMS that can be equally effective for blogs,  news portals and eCommerce. Something always works better and something works worse.
  • Support. The thriving eCommerce community around a CMS and 24-hour technical support are good signs. Not to mention
  • Growth opportunities. The engine itself will not get you so far. The store needs marketing tools, analytics, and others. It’s great if CMS provides a minimum set of such tools, but it’s absolutely fantastic if there is a large choice of extensions.  

So why launching an online store with OpenCart is such a good idea?

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