# Privacy Policy

# Introduction

One of the basic principles of REES46 Group is security, including the security of any information gathered by REES46 Group, therefore we strive by all means to protect our Partners, Online retailers and Users from an unauthorized and undesirable disclosure of any information gathered while carrying out Our activity.

Realizing the responsibility REES46 Group strictly follows the thoroughly elaborated Privacy Policy, uses advanced IT-technologies, constantly investing into the development of data security systems and raising the professional profile of Our experts.

The main purposes to elaborate and adopt the present Privacy policy are as follows:

  • to protect any confidential information from an unauthorized access, illegal use or loss;
  • to protect individual’s rights and freedoms while using the confidential information at the REES46 Group resources;
  • to protect individual’s rights for privacy, personal and family secret.

# I. General Definitions

  1. Under the present Policy We deem confidential any information we obtained, that has not been officially disclosed, published and/or revealed, is not publicly available or commonly known, as well as legally or illegally circulated by any third party, and that may represent economical, financial, commercial, legal or any other value by virtue of its being unknown to a third party.
  2. REES46 Group also deems confidential individual’s Personal Data, provided to Us.

Please, refer to Our Personal Data Policy.

# II. Gathering Confidential Information

  1. REES46 Group gathers information, obtained in the course of Your use of Our electronic resources only for the purposes, specified by the present Privacy Policy.
  2. We automatically process the information You provide, when You use Our website, Services or when You contact Us or Our partners via e-mail, by phone or any other means of communication in order to identify the needs of Our Partners and Customers, raise the quality of Our Services, perform identity checks, timely execute financial transactions, inform Our partners, as well as for other purposes, related to the functioning of the Our website.
  3. We store Personal data and Cookies on the different servers so it is totally impossible to cross-reference Personal data and Cookies in the case of illegal access to one of Our servers.

# III. Disclosure of Confidential Information

Confidential information may be disclosed in compliance with the requirements of the applicable law, as well as in the following cases:

  • upon a court’s request or any other similar inquiries;
  • for protection of Our rights and/or property;
  • for Your or Our customers personal security.

# IV. Identity check

  1. For the purpose of Your personal security and security of Customers and partners, REES46 Group reserves the right to perform at any time an identity check, including verification of the personal data and other Personal information that You provided Us with during Our cooperation, as well as the requirements of the applicable law.
  2. You acknowledge that by accepting the Terms and Conditions, You authorize REES46 Group and Our partners to use and disclose Your Confidential information for the purposes, stipulated by the present Privacy Policy, as well as to request personal data from third parties to verify its relevance with the information provided earlier. In particular, We reserve the right to request extracts from any public registers and integrated data bases, including bank statements and receive information from Our partners and other third parties.

By accepting the Terms and Conditions You undertake to provide all required documents and information upon Our request.

# V. Third Party Websites

REES46 Group cannot guarantee the protection of the confidential information You provide at third party websites, to which the Our website links or on the websites, which refer to Our website, because these sites are operated independently from Us. The use of information gathered on these websites is regulated by their own Privacy Policies. We bear no responsibility for the actions of such third parties and use of confidential information they gather.

# VI. Sharing Confidential information with Financial Institutions

In order to use Our Services You may need to perform financial transactions with the help of Financial Institutions, by accepting the present Policy, You grant Us Your consent to share Your Confidential information with such Financial Institutions (including banks and processing centers) to perform such transactions. Our agreements with Financial Institutions are aimed to maintain confidentiality of the shared information.

# VII. Responsibility

REES46 Group strives to maintain the highest level of the applied technologies, implementing the cutting-edge IT solutions, however, it is obvious that We shall bear no responsibility for the violation of the confidentiality of the information that happened beyond Our direct control and/or as a result of a third party’s fault. Therefore We are not responsible for any losses arising under such circumstances.

# VIII. Final provisions

  1. By clicking “Confirm” or “I Agree”, as well as by a continued use of the Our Services, You confirm that You fully understand the content of the Privacy Policy, and that You personally, freely, knowingly, willfully and for your own benefit accept it in the form it is presented on Our website with all amendments that may be introduced to it. The amendments that are introduced to the Privacy Policy will be immediately published on the Our website, therefore We highly recommend You to visit this web-page on a regular basis.
  2. The Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Personal Data Policy, Cookie Policy form an integral part of the Agreement and shall be considered only in conjunction with each other.
  3. The original text is composed in English and translated into other languages solely for the information purposes. In the event of discrepancies between the texts in other languages and the English version of the Privacy Policy, the English text shall prevail.

# Google Analytics

We are using Google Analytics with IP anonymization (see details (opens new window)).

# Cookies

See Cookie policy.

# Automated processes

We may use automated decision making in processing your personal information for some services and products.

Contact us about data processing or complaints:

  • Data protection officer: desk@rees46.com
  • Complaints: desk@rees46.com

Detailed contact information of REES46 Group is provided here (opens new window).