Work in REES46

Work in REES46

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REES46 Technologies is a technology-leading IT company creating and developing REES46 eCommerce Marketing Stack: an incredible cutting-edge solution for real-time personalization, machine learning and applied statistical and semantic analysis of living being’s behavior (incl. human, animal and alien). We make sure every online store provides every visitor with the dream product this person has been looking for, and every display ad generates an immediate must-buy.

We are pros in Big Data, Small Data, Progressive Personalization, architectural solutions for high-load systems and data visualization. We deduce a visitor’s gender in two on-site clicks and the breed of his dog in three. We determine the age of his wife and the clothing size of his mistress (and not only that).

We’ve got the fastest real-time personalization platform in the world: blazing 50ms per request of the candidate products for product recommendations, with no caching. Competitors can provide 300ms at best.

We use Ruby, Java, Apache Mahout, NGINX (not only as a proxy server), Postgres-XL, Redis, RabbitMQ, SphinxSearch, Slim, Sass and a lot of other tools.

Data Analyst

We’ve accumulated a lot of useful information and we want to put it to full use. You’ll have at your disposal a multilevel database with the behavioral data sets of over 200,000,000 customers, new details aggregated each second, in real time.

Key Tasks:

Your job will be to transform this data into an applicable knowledge. To advance, develop and confirm new hypotheses. To enrich the Progressive Personalization technology with the new algorithms you will create. To get more details about each person from their on-site behavior, from each new click.

Job Requirements:
  • Advanced knowledge of collaborative filtering, segmentations and procrastination methods
  • Strong logic and ability to generate and prove new hypotheses
  • Extended experience in A/B testing
  • 2+ years of experience with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques and tools such as neural networks
  • Practical experience in statistics
  • Ability to find correlations and determine the relationship between, for instance, the increase in Macau spider population and the latest Macbook Pro batch rejection rate

If that is your field of expertise, contact us at with a cover letter containing some examples of your achievements and a little story about yourself. Subject line - Data Analyst.

Front-end Developer

We have a lot of multilayered data. This data is updated every second and is used to inform our clients about various KPIs and metrics, on our unified Dashboard. REES46 Marketing Stack is a complex products: 25 widgets on the Dashboard itself, much like a real cockpit panel. All that we have to frame into an informative and user-friendly UI.

Our latest UI is based on the React JS lib.

We’re in search of a skillful front-end developer, who will navigate the project to a perfect UI.

Key Tasks:

Your job will be to suggest ideas on a better UI and bring them to life. You will be responsible for everything concerning UX.

Job Requirements:
  • Sufficient practical experience with React or Vue
  • Flexbox
  • Wizard skills in CSS
  • Practical experience in ECMAScript 6
  • D3JS
  • Canvas
  • Ability to recognize when you need an SPA, and when – separate pages
  • Strong willpower not to use a tech when you DON’T directly need it

If that is your field of expertise, contact us at with a cover letter containing some examples of your achievements and a little story about yourself. Subject line - Front-End.