Automated Web Push Marketing for eCommerce
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Automated Web Push Marketing for eCommerce

Remind about abandoned carts, cross-sell and up-sell by sending personal recommendations automatically even if you don’t know customers’ emails.
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Basic Principles

Triggered events become irrelevant to the customer very fast. Abandoned cart reminders and cross-sells work if the message with recommendations is delivered on time. Automatically triggered web push notifications are the best option to deliver such hot notifications.

Your visitor forgets items in the shopping cart, leaves the online store without purchasing and closes the browser.

Gets web push notifications automatically.

Goes to the abandoned cart through the link.

And completes the purchase. Done!

Best Use Cases

Short-term deals: discounts, hot sales

When time is a critical factor - often hot sales are only 24 hours long. Web push notifications let your customer know about such events instantly.

Personalized product offers

Send your customer individual selections of interesting products based on the purchase and search history of this person.

Abandoned cart reminders

Not everybody likes emails and it is so easy to miss a banner. Web push notifications are the fastest and most effective way to remind about an abandoned cart.

Cross-sell and Up-sell

Product recommendations with similar or complementary items added to web push triggered notifications immediately attract customer’s attention.

Web Push Notifications Channel

Push notifications in the internet browser are the most technologically advanced trigger marketing channel.

Compared to traditional emails

Fast delivery

Typically, it takes just 2s to notice a web push notification, whereas for a traditional email it takes from 1 to 163 hours.

Even when the tab is closed

Customer will see the message even if the tab is closed or the browser is minimized.

High visibility rate

No additional actions are required for web push notifications to appear in the browser. Your customer does not have to check any emails or open any messages.

Compared to mobile push notifications

Lower churn rate

A small ‘allow/block’ pop-up right below the address bar allows the customer to make a decision at the convenient time, allowing a delay, whereas mobile push notifications require immediate action.

Push notification history

All web push notifications are logged in browser history unlike mobile pushes. The customer can return to them anytime.

Longer message

A web push notification can contain up to 125 symbols, whereas a mobile push notification – only up to 60.

Quick and Easy Integration

In a simple few clicks, install REES46 plugin onto your store built on a popular CMS.

Nothing fits? Just use our JS SDK for manual integration.

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