mCommerce Personalization and Product Recommendations

Increase session length, improve the stickiness factor and facilitate purchasing process with smart mobile personalization.

Mobile gadgets have smaller displays in contrast with desktops and laptops. At the same time, they are used much more obsessively and create a perfect means to channels customer's attention into mobile marketing using mobile push notifications. The problem is the mobile environment itself. Mobile notifications only allow 40 to 60 symbols per notification and there’s always a high risk of blocking as the environment tends to be overloaded with information, which is critical for small screens.

Personalization in mobile apps is presented by two main goals:

  • Displaying the most relevant information in the product catalog, news feed and special offers.
  • Increasing the CTR of push notifications, along with decreasing the churn rate.

REES46 recommendation engine allows to effectively reach both these goals, analysing customer’s behavior, smartly filtering the content and showing most relevant push notifications on time.


Mobile case

Personalization of KupiKupon mobile app tangibly increased in-app sales and decreased the churn rate.

ROI increased by 14%.

Push notification conversion rate increased by 28%.

How it looks like

Personalized push notifications


Product catalog personalization


Location-based recommendations


Our Clients and Partners

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Anton Samovichev
Marketing specialist
Accessories, World of bags

Not so long ago I was advised to try REES46. Their detailed documentation and friendly tech support helped me quickly integrate my store, so the next day I was able to use their tools. During the free demo period I saw a visible increase in the daily number of orders and made the decision to buy a paid subscription. Right after a month I saw return of all my investments. I can see now that REES46 is a competent company and I’m glad we are working together.

Julianna Chichirova
Eco-market, EcoHarmony

We connected our store a few months ago. REES46 showed high efficiency and usefulness. It recommends only products customers willing to buy and our revenue grows daily. REES46 team are always online and promptly answer every our question. The tools are helpful and easy to use. Thank you frequent updates and new features!

Sergey Vinokurov
Cosmetics store, FitoSolar

I`m currently using REES46 in my online store. It`s so cool when technologies previously available only for corporates are now available for small online stores. I`m sure my customers are pleased to get personalized offers provided by REES46. You pay only a small fee for the services, and customers really start to buy more.

Stepan Ovchinnikov
Digital agency, InterVolga

I made a conclusion that recommendation systems are effective in stores with small traffic because that shows most relevant products (adjusting to the tastes of user automatically) and it make it on most visible parts of the website. It's like a smart banner, which sells much better than any static block. Sales growth for 26% and 11% are the excellent results, I would advice to everyone to try this system and make their own conclusions.

Oleg Semernin
Furniture for kitchen, Glavposuda

We`re very satisfied with REES46 as it`s very affordable even for SMBs. You can easily manage recommendations, mailouts, audience segments, product recommendation blocks design in your dashboard. Everything is very convenient. Thank you!

Shannon Ashcraft
E-commerce Manager
Fashion, ALO Yoga

Looking for the ways to improve our sales, we tried several various services but either the integration was so complex and took more than two days with no end or the price was too high.

For me, REES46 was the way out. I think everybody should know how fast and easy their Magento extension is. The integration literally took 10 clicks and we finally added product recommendations to our store.

I was surprised when soon we saw tangible results, and I decided to include recommendations in promo emails.

This year we`re heavy on mobile marketing and also planning to use mobile solution.

Vladimir Levoshko
Cosmetics, Mega Eyelashes

Revenue increased for 15-30% using this recommender engine. Thanks, you are the best.

Roman Ovsienko
VP of marketing
Consumer Electronics, Deshevshe

Really fast and easy integration using API, customizable widgets and mailings! It would took a lot of time to create such service ourselves. So we use REES46 as greatest and free service.

Ilya Shevelev
Accessories for auto, AutoComp

We’ve been searching for a good recommendation system to integrate with. REES46 looked promising and finally we decided to connect our store - that was three months ago. Since that time we saw a noticeable growth in ARPU and increase in number of items per order. Our website became more dynamic and customer-friendly.

Alexander Birman
Chief Commercial Officer
Cosmetics, Just Loveliness

Great service. Best for such services I ever used. Especially for small stores.

Demian Svyatogorov
Pharmaceutics, Mister Twister

Firstly I have skeptical thoughts about this system, it offers to me some optional blocks left and right, and this should increase my sales, as they promise. But when I saw that the cost of system was a ten times lower than revenue that it can generate for me, I fell in love. It's so rarely to find any product that give you a lot and ask a little. I will integrate this system with every online-store.

Fashion, Luxury Store

Never saw support that friendly before - they themselves addressed me about some technical issues on my website. Thank you, guys! You’re great! :)


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