Influencer Marketing Research

Influencer marketing is a rapidly growing market that has shown increasingly more potential to become a new way of communication. It doesn’t matter what type of products you are selling, there are people out there on social networks that could share your product with their community. Imagine being able to reach over 50 000 individuals right in your target group by sending the right message via the right channel in the exact right way. Great way to gain visibility, right?

This type of soft marketing has become the norm these days and is exactly what customers prefer and are demanding. We don’t want to see advertisements pop up every 5 minutes during a movie, or 10 emails asking you if you want to buy the latest fashion items. The customer wants to know why they should be buying your product, what does it bring them in value? A great influencer is able to give your customer the inspiration and convincement to see that extra value in your products

The outcome of this research shows the interest of companies to continue or to start using influencer marketing to reach out to new audiences. This means that investing in this industry could be exactly what you are looking for. Influencer marketing can boost your visibility and eventual sales as well as broaden your audience. You are able to reach an audience that might have been unavailable to you before.

You can reach a large audience by only the share of one photo or video by the right influencer. You have to, of course, choose your influencer wisely. This person will be an ambassador of your brand and thus has to have to same values as you and your company portray. The influencer you choose to work with also has to have a great relationship with their audience, something which can be detected in their engagement rates.

The research has shown that the main reasons for companies to work with influencer marketing is the gain in visibility and to obtain new customers. This will lead to an increase in conversions for your sales. Moreover, influencer marketing enhances the trust factor of your products and company as people see real individuals who are using your products, rather than a commercial that is naming the benefits.

The research has also shown that for companies are mainly looking for influencers who are authentic and produce highly qualitative content. This, once again, indicates a healthy and fruitful relationship with their audience. Besides these factors, companies indicated to be looking for influencers who have engaging relationships and a big audience to communicate with.

But finding the right influencer for you is not always easy. Companies indicated they are reaching out to potential influencers by themselves. Which might cut down costs but does not guarantee an influencer with the correct audience, engagement rate or authenticity. Individual outreach thus brings risks and does not guarantee the finding of the right influencer for your brand.

Special platforms have been created which rate your brand and influencers on various factors in order to match those who are suitable. Every incoming request of an influencer is analyzed thoroughly to make sure this person is credible and can deliver the communication as promised. Analytic reports are offered after every marketing activity to analyze the effects of the campaign. Around 15% of the respondents in our research has indicated to be using such platforms.

The influencer marketing industry is growing rapidly and can offer great opportunities in new ways of communication. This market is definitely worth exploring as a brand or an investor! Are you interested in finding out more about this type of marketing and see some interesting numbers? Check out the full research report and learn more about what influencer marketing could mean for your brand!

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