The best all-in-one ecommerce marketing platform

One interface with everything marketers need to create conversions, ads, and product analysis while getting customer feedback.

REES46 provides all the necessary services for ecommerce without integration headaches. Just setup REES46 once and manage all the necessary instruments with one click.


REES46 provides a full suite of tools to personalize your customer’s experience:


Product recommendations

Recommend suitable products to customers by displaying them in the margins of your online store. A personalized approach to each client will help you increase conversion and your average transaction.



Trigger-based emails

Persuade customers to return with the help of trigger newsletters and increase the number of daily orders by 5%.



Email marketing

Add a personalized list of products for each customer in every email and increase CTR.



Search personalization

Personalize your customer’s search results corresponding to their interests.


Web push trigger

Web push triggers

Remind customers about their abandoned carts and other triggers with a 90% open rate.


Web push digest

Web push notifications

Deliver web push notifications to customers immediately.



Offline recommendations

Increase sales in brick and mortar stores by using offline recommendations.



Audience segmentation

Automatically define target segments as REES46 tracks your customer’s behavior.



Abandoned cart remarketing

Remind customers to complete their transaction with unintrusive banner advertisements.




Flexible API for your own personal customization.


Industry Specific Solutions

REES46 is the single platform that provides online shops with ready-made solutions for product categories while matching them to the right customer.



The service takes into account the customer’s gender, clothing and shoe size to make appropriate product recommendations.



Baby products

REES46 analyzes the age of the customer’s children and uses a combination of algorithms designed for FMCG, clothing, and regularly purchased products.




REES46 tracks regular purchases and consumption rates to forecast upcoming purchases.



Pets supplies

The service determines the type and age of the customer’s pets and analyzes it with shopping habits and the season to increase sales.



Home improvement and repairs

REES46 determines the customer type (regular or occasional) and uses the specialized recommendation algorithm accordingly.




REES46 determines the customer’s hair and skin type, and predisposition to allergies, to recommend the appropriate products.



Consumer electronics

REES46 determines stages of customer demands and uses remarketing to recommend appropriate products.



Universal algorithm

The universal algorithm for the rest of the product sectors works faster and is more reliable than the algorithms of competitors.

Demand phases

REES46 analyses customers' behavior data and defines the demand phase for each item. There is a different recommender tool acting at every demand phase.

Demand en

Quick start

Using Small Data approach REES46 starts to work right after connected to e-shop. It works even for new visitors without history. For example it needs only one click to define customer's gender.

Virtual profile of a customer

REES46 analyzes the interests and needs of 169'247'029 people.

Using Small Data and Big Data technology REES46 determines demographical and physiological characteristics of customers, such as gender, age, shoe and clothing sizes, children, pets, occupation, price preferences and regularity of purchase. Using this data REES46 offers clear recommendations in product recommendation blocks, trigger and digest newsletters, and offline recommendations thus raising conversion and the ARPU.

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Geography
  • Average income
  • Kids
  • Pets
  • Relations
  • Clothes size
  • Shoes size
  • Skin type
  • Hair type
  • Skin condition
  • Hair condition
  • Products flow rate

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Fashion, Luxury Store

Never met such support - they found me, noticed about technical issues on our website. Thank you! It's great! ))

Alexander Birman
Chief Commercial Officer
Cosmetics, Just Loveliness

Great service. Best for such services I ever used. Especially for small shops.

Julianna Chichirova
Eco-market, EcoHarmony

We connected our shop to REES46 few months ago. Service shows high efficiency and usefulness for us. It recommends only products customer willing to buy and increases our revenue drammatically. Manager of REES46 always online and answers our questions fast and professionally. REES46 publishes new features frequently. We tried mailing service recently: it is helpful and easy to use. Thank you!

Roman Ovsienko
VP of marketing
Consumer Electronics, Deshevshe

Really fast and easy integration using API, customizable widgets and mailings! It would took a lot of time to create such service ourselves. So we use REES46 as greatest and free service.

Sergey Vinokurov
Cosmetics shop, FitoSolar

I`m testing REES46 in my online shop. So cool when the technologies which were available only for huge companies like Ozon or Enter are now available for small online shops. I`m sure my customers are pleased to get personalized offers that REES46 provides. You pay only a small fee for completed purchases made through REES46 recommendations.

Oleg Semernin
Furniture for kitchen, Glavposuda

We`re very satisfied with REES46 as it`s very affordable even for SMBs. You can easily manage recommendations, mailouts, audience segments, product recommendation blocks design in your dashboard. Everything is very convenient. Thank you!

Anton Samovichev
Marketing specialist
Accessories, World of bags

Not so long ago I was adviced to try REES46. Detailed manual and tech support help me to integrate code into my store quickly, so I was able to use system just for the next day. During the free demo period the number of orders slightly increased so I made a decision to start using REES46. For the first month all investments were payed off. I see that REES46 is a competent and high-quality provider of personalization".

Demian Svyatogorov
Pharmaceutics, Mister Twister

Firstly I have skeptical thoughts about this system, it offers to me some optional blocks left and right, and this should increase my sales, as they promise. But when I saw that the cost of system was a ten times lower than revenue that it can generate for me, I fell in love. It's so rarely to find any product that give you a lot and ask a little. I will integrate this system with every online-store.

Ilya Shevelev
Accessories for auto, AutoComp

We wanted to integrate our e-shop with recommendation system for a long time, so we choose REES46. We using it more than three months, the website became more beautiful and dynamic, we got the ARPU growth and the number of items in order too.

Stepan Ovchinnikov
Digital agency, InterVolga

I made a conclusion that recommendation systems are effective in stores with small traffic because that shows most relevant products (adjusting to the tastes of user automatically) and it make it on most visible parts of the website. It's like a smart banner, which sells much better than any static block. Sales growth for 26% and 11% are the excellent results, I would advice to everyone to try this system and make their own conclusions.

Vladimir Levoshko
Cosmetics, Mega Eyelashes

Revenue increased for 15-30% using this recommender engine. Thanks, you are the best.

Ecommerce visitor