AI in eCommerce – is it the Real Deal or another Hype-Train to nowhere?

“(AI is) the holy grail that anyone in computer science has been thinking about.”

Bill Gates

Statistical forecasts praise Artificial Intelligence. According to the experts’ opinion from Markets and Markets, the AI market will reach $5.05 bln by 2020. Gartner predicts that in 2018 AI will support 6 bln IoT devices and that in 2020 more than 85% of all interactions with online shoppers will be controlled by AI. Average investments in an average AI startup, according to AngelList, will be approximately 5 million USD.

The future of AI is believed to be bright – experts keep this topic hot, continuously discussing that someday AI will replace millions of jobs and will open up greater opportunities for all sorts of industries, from healthcare to eCommerce.

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KrasotkaPro Success Story: Beauty in Personalization

The Background

With 15,000 brand name products from over 100 leading beauty brands, KrasotkaPro has grown into one of the largest online beauty retailers in Russia in just 5 years.  

Early on, the founders identified several differentiating factors that would allow the store to stand out in the saturated cosmetics retail market.  By skipping the middleman and the markups, and by having a direct relationship with factories and suppliers, the store became a one-stop-shop for all beauty needs at affordable prices.

On a mission to demystify the beauty routine, KrasotkaPro provides “get the look” makeup tutorials, tips from professionals, and product recommendations, giving the modern woman the tools to be her own make-up artist and beauty expert.  Their YouTube channel has 54000 followers and over 10 million views.

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Subject Lines that Work Every Time or How to Make Them Open that Email!

Email marketers spend weeks conceptualizing the email campaign or program,  crafting the flow and design, choosing a promotional offer you can’t refuse, and tailoring their messaging to a specific audience and need.  The subject line often appears at a later stage of the process as an afterthought without the same amount of consideration.  From the viewer’s perspective, however, the subject line is where the campaign starts. If you fail to captivate them in that moment, it’s probably also where the campaign ends.  

In our previous posts, we’ve touched on the topic of subject lines. Today, let’s break down the anatomy of subject lines anatomy and the psychology behind what makes people click.  

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What is Progressive Personalization in Baby & Kids Stores?

What do internet memes, pop hits and goods for babies and kids have in common? You guessed right if the thought was “they become obsolete in a month or two”. Funnily enough, the goods manage to beat hits and memes at that.

Kid’s age defines everything you buy (for that kid of course): clothes, shoes, toys, food, everything. Babies and toddlers develop so rapidly, there is a chance you won’t believe it’s your child when you wake up the next morning. A blink of an eye, and the new crawlers are rendered old and small. Blink again, and baby blocks are not her favorite game anymore and she’s asking for the latest Monster High dolls. Another blink, and it’s school time, and you’re shopping for a school bag, new cool jeans and a pair of Monster Beats.

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Cart Abandonment? Tools to Fix, Cases to Use

Customers abandoning their carts, leaving your store? Reasons may vary, but the fact remains: Baymard Institute’s research shows almost 70% of all carts get abandoned.

Does it mean you have to reconcile to it and keep losing profit? Nobody will judge you for it…but why? When there are simple and effective remarketing tools for recovering lost carts along with those customers? Let us show you the main three—email marketing, web push notifications and dynamic display ads—along with the real use cases, and let you have a change in opinion.

Before we start with the combating techniques, a word of advice to help you nip the problem in the bud.

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+24% Sales: How Progressive Personalization Works in eСommerce

Today, we are going to talk about “personalized product recommendations” technology, give you an overview of the technology, and discuss key elements, supported by examples.

If you are dealing with the personalized product recommendations software for the first time, it may look complicated but in fact, software is purely based on consumer behaviors. The tool works by gathering data about your consumer and analyzing their browsing and buying behavior patterns.

For instance, imagine that somebody visits your online store for the first time, and suddenly spots products on your main page, which they were looking for earlier the same day. It means that visitor was already looking for that product configuration across Internet, and now he visits your Ecommerce website, where exact product category appears to him in your sales catalog. Same thing happens if somebody browsed through a specific category, like “Running shoes” in your store, the software will automatically generate a list of most popular running shoes models available in your store.

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Complete Guide to REES46 Unified Dashboard

All of you have seen REES46 Unified Dashboard. We managed to put together the key performance indicators, graphs, and stats, and arrange them on a single panel. Now, instead of juggling 25 opened tabs while trying to check the CTR of your email campaign, results of your traffic analysis or performance of any other marketing tool, you just keep opened one – REES46 Dashboard. It has it all.

Today’s post is devoted to our Dashboard, its widgets and the most important eCommerce KPIs. Read our guide to precise and efficient control.

A teaser to keep you reading:

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Direct Benefits of Progressive Personalization for FMCG Stores

The name of this retail segment is self-explanatory – “Fast Moving Consumer Goods” implies frequent and regular purchasing. A customer is bound to come back for more and often sticks to a stable shopping schedule.

It gives FMCG stores an outstanding opportunity to develop a sustainable sales flow. Reactivate your customers monthly, keep the sales flow at a stable level – sounds easy. Is it also that easy in reality? 

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+24% Sales: What Is Progressive Personalization in Online Retail?

First, a little about personalized product recommendations. Those, who already know what we are talking about, can skip to the next point.

So, what does it look like? Imagine, somebody visits your online store and notices on the main page products of interest to that person. Your visitor may have read marketing or tech reviews on the newest MacBook model and now sees different configurations of that model in your catalog. The same happens if somebody browsed through the category “Running Shoes” in your store — this visitor is shown popular models of the running shoes you sell.

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