Effective Web Push Marketing: 2 Big Cases

Web push notifications are browser-native instant messages for immediate communication with your customers. Last year’s experience shows the success of this technology, as more and more popular online retailers like eXtra Electronics or Beyond the Rack start to recognize its potential and adjust their marketing strategy for a better and quicker audience reaction.

This time we’re going to show you how effective marketing can be when you use REES46 web push notifications.

Case #1


About the company

Fotosklad.ru is one of the most popular Consumer Electronics online retailers in Russia. Taking only the 30-th place in the recent Top 100 Russian Online Stores, it’s supplying people across the country, as well as the whole CIS with quality consumer electronics.

Use case

Note: REES46 has both the promotional and behavioral web push notifications to drive your revenue and drive customer engagement respectively.

Trigger Notifications to Drive Engagement

Fotosklad.ru effectively applies six trigger scenarios: “Abandoned Cart”, “Abandoned Cart Follow-up”, “Regular Purchase”, “We Miss You”, “Back in Stock” and “Price Drop” to improve and grow customer engagement.

Let’s take a look at their best performers!

“Abandoned Cart” showed the highest performance:

CTR, % Sales, %
9,3% 3,4%

“Abandoned Cart Follow-up” goes the second:

CTR, % Sales, %
7,8% 0,16%

And finally, “We Miss You” takes the third place:

CTR, % Sales, %
2,9% 0,12%

The results are more than satisfying. Especially, when you know the integration vs work life balance ratio: the initial integration & configuration take only 10 minutes, while a steady progress in engagement is fully automated and goes on without any manual maintenance.

Case #2


About the company

Dropsneakers is a big sport shoes retailer selling top brands, Adidas Originals, Puma, Asics, Converse, Nike, and Jordan included. In offline, the store is presented by beautiful outlets in Moscow and St Petersburg.

Photo of their Moscow outlet by “The Village”

Use case

Web Push Notifications to Drive Revenue

One of their most effective push-driven promo campaigns was the “Happy Christmas Sale!”. The stats can speak for themselves: one out of each ten customers, who received the notification, found it irresistible to click, and 4% of the entire target audience made at least one purchase.

The Drop “Happy Christmas Sale!” push notification


CTR, % Sales, %
10,6% 4%

Dropsneakers is also a heavy user of the behavioral marketing and catches customers’ attention with “Abandoned Cart”, “Regular Purchase” and other types of trigger web push notifications.

For instance, a single trigger scenario “Abandoned Cart Follow-up” generated this store the following:

CTR, % Sales, %
7,4 1,9

Most Importantly

There have been no unsubscriptions in either of the stores during the entire period of using web push notifications.

Drive Engagement and Revenue. With REES46!

Every practical person knows when it is time to try new things – when they have a proven performance record. So, just open REES46 Dashboard, click “Enable” and look through a simple guide in case of any questions.


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