Why OpenCart is so cool to kickstart your eCommerce business?


No doubt, the store engine influences too many factors, such as:

  • Price. The cheaper the better — hardly anybody wants to pay through the nose to access the market.
  • Launch simplicity. OpenCart is suitable for small and medium sized online business and enables you to easily build and launch an online store in no time without coding.
  • eCommerce focus. Everybody understands that it is not easy to create a CMS that can be equally effective for blogs,  news portals and eCommerce. Something always works better and something works worse.
  • Support. The thriving eCommerce community around a CMS and 24-hour technical support are good signs. Not to mention
  • Growth opportunities. The engine itself will not get you so far. The store needs marketing tools, analytics, and others. It’s great if CMS provides a minimum set of such tools, but it’s absolutely fantastic if there is a large choice of extensions.  

So why launching an online store with OpenCart is such a good idea?

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