Value over Price. Negative Impact of Lower Prices

In this digital world of constant competition, everybody is used to the dumping: all retailers, top or small, your direct competitors, your customers. You think this tactic gives you more sales, more clients, a stable niche but you’re betting on the wrong horse playing “by the price.” “Why?” – you’re asking? Today you’ll see the fundamental flaw of this approach and learn why this tactic has the power to give your online store no competitive edge at all.

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Progressive Personalization in Cosmetics & Beauty eCommerce

It is a widely known fact that personalized product recommendations are one of the main marketing tools of any online store. They help you sell more to every customer. However, sometimes, recommendation engines fail to give relevant recommendations in cosmetics and recommend a wrong type of hair conditioner or hand cream. Sometimes it’s even worse when a person allergic to a certain component is recommended items with that component.

To solve this problem, the market had to come up with the Progressive Personalization technology. Every one of us, as a customer, has a set of unique key parameters a recommendation system must include into its computations to eliminate any chance of error. What it is and how it works you’ll have known reading this post.

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Build a Lucrative Online Business with PrestaShop

Some people call PrestaShop “Opencart’s little brother” or “different platform for creating online stores”, but the facts are self-spoken. Here is a fact  — PrestaShop is one of the most actively employed platforms for online business. Here is another fact  — 300,000 successfully operating stores are built on PrestaShop.

If these facts sound small to you, here is an infographic — to see… at scale:

PrestaShop is only the third after Magento and WooCommerce (Host IQ)

What Makes PrestaShop So Well-demanded

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The Secret Sauce For Your Online Fashion Store Growth

Today, when launching an eCommerce website takes only a couple hours, Apparel & Accessories remains one of the trickiest product categories in online retail.

fashion store


While it is easy to build and launch an online store in mere hours, soon you’ll start noticing that something is missing and your sales rate are not as high as you expected. This is the moment you come to the next important part of running an eCommerce business – distinguishing between various product categories and taking into account specific nature of the product as you’re searching for the best selling techniques in the segment.

So, what should an Apparel & Accessories eCommerce store pay attention to step out?
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Why OpenCart is so cool to kickstart your eCommerce business?


No doubt, the store engine influences too many factors, such as:

  • Price. The cheaper the better — hardly anybody wants to pay through the nose to access the market.
  • Launch simplicity. OpenCart is suitable for small and medium sized online business and enables you to easily build and launch an online store in no time without coding.
  • eCommerce focus. Everybody understands that it is not easy to create a CMS that can be equally effective for blogs,  news portals and eCommerce. Something always works better and something works worse.
  • Support. The thriving eCommerce community around a CMS and 24-hour technical support are good signs. Not to mention
  • Growth opportunities. The engine itself will not get you so far. The store needs marketing tools, analytics, and others. It’s great if CMS provides a minimum set of such tools, but it’s absolutely fantastic if there is a large choice of extensions.  

So why launching an online store with OpenCart is such a good idea?

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8 Major Trends of eCommerce Marketing in 2017


The major difference in eCommerce market of 2017 is the technology, that will become more affordable and integrated easily, without relying on big budgets or an in-house technical support.

Tools that were previously exploited by the large corporations, now will become more accessible for small and midsize eCommerce companies.

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Why do you need a new multi-tool for ecommerce marketing?

Data is always in а spotlight in e-commerce. Customers contacts, purchase history and viewed products, on-site behavior, etc. All this data helps to make upsells, use remarketing tools or show this popup just on time: “Haven’t found anything? Call us and we’ll help”.

3 data issues

All the data is impermanent. i.e. such parameter as foot size is stable for each adult customer — that means that online store can operate with this kind of data today, tomorrow and after a year.

But here are some other data types: customer’s preferences, family status, the number of children and their age, purchases on other sites — this characteristics are changing dynamically. What does it mean? We must update that data as frequently as possible.

That’s not a problem but look there. You have three tools: email marketing service, recommendation engine and push notification service. What data do they collect and analyze:


There are three sets of data. But that are separate sets. And it generates three significant issues.

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