Why do you need a new multi-tool for ecommerce marketing?

Data is always in а spotlight in e-commerce. Customers contacts, purchase history and viewed products, on-site behavior, etc. All this data helps to make upsells, use remarketing tools or show this popup just on time: “Haven’t found anything? Call us and we’ll help”.

3 data issues

All the data is impermanent. i.e. such parameter as foot size is stable for each adult customer — that means that online store can operate with this kind of data today, tomorrow and after a year.

But here are some other data types: customer’s preferences, family status, the number of children and their age, purchases on other sites — this characteristics are changing dynamically. What does it mean? We must update that data as frequently as possible.

That’s not a problem but look there. You have three tools: email marketing service, recommendation engine and push notification service. What data do they collect and analyze:


There are three sets of data. But that are separate sets. And it generates three significant issues.

First problem. Such data is isolated inside the system.

Recommender engine knows some useful data, but you can’t use it in your email campaigns. And vice versa.

Second issue. The problem of data matching.

All data that systems know about a customer is kept in his profile. Such kind of profiles has your email service, recommender engine, and any other marketing tool as well. So the same customers have many profiles — but you will identify these profiles as different customers. You can’t merge these profiles.

Third. Troubles with data synchronization

Data is not constant. Today the primary customer’s interest is discounted products; his income will grow, and interest will change too.

It’s not enough to export all data from different sources and match it once because such data will be not relevant soon.

Okay, it’s possible to make an auto-sync of all this data. If you have a strong tech engineer and all this marketing tools has well documented API. But someday shit can happen: some tool will change API and your system will down.

Nowadays e-commerce marketer has lots of tools for attracting, upselling, remarketing and so on. But in fact, each of those tools is an isolated system, unsuitable for “team play.” So that’s we have.

Why do we need a multi-tool for ecommerce marketing

Evident reason — to solve three problems we need the United tool with data synchronization by default and coordination marketing from one dashboard.

Our REES46 gain it features step by step. We started with personalization, Big Data and recommender engine for online stores. Then we modified that tools and added new features.

What is REES46 today?

  • Recommender engine with “personalization of everything”: storefront, dynamic content in emails, search page, mobile app, etc.
  • Bulk emails service.
  • Automated trigger emails service.
  • Audience segmentation tools.
  • RTB, remarketing tool for abandoned carts.
  • Personalized push notifications for mobile devices.
  • Personalized push notifications for mobile, desktop browsers.
  • Offline personalization (proximity marketing).

It’s not the best choice to have just a collection of tools. The reason is a lack of resources to develop all parts of this tool evenly. For example, any marketing platform specialized just on emails will be stronger than our email service — because all the team is working on that one feature.

So we’ve got an unusual task: to make our tools work more efficiently together. Make them work with synergy. Be more powerful together than any other set of tools.

Solving of three issues — isolation, matching, synchronization — became the strength of our product.

How REES46 makes marketing tools work together

Here are steps of the sale in commerce:

  • Attraction.
  • Conversion to purchase.
  • Remarketing of abandoned carts and views.
  • Loyalty, customers reviews, reputation grooming.
  • Reactivation.

We created a tool with all these features. And this tool is intellectual — e.g. our RTB network stops to show ads if the customer has almost bought the product. Or does not recommend certain kinds of hand cream to customers who have another skin type.

Let’s see how it works — step by step.


The primary task of marketing is to attract new customers. Especially on start.

REES46 is a Big Data platform. Our system analyzes the customer behavior on hundreds of websites and groups customers into segments. So it starts to show ads only on sites with high chances to attract the interested user.

Result: high-quality traffic from RTB, precise targeting.


So the customer is on your site. He viewed the products, used the search and looked through some category — all the data about customer’s actions will be written into a virtual profile.

And that’s not only universal types of data, e.g. “what is the average check for this customer.” That’s much of specific data, distinctive for your industry only. This data is written into the virtual profile as well.

Example: imagine you have a pet goods store. If the customer watches only dog food, the system makes a conclusion that he has a dog. Next, the client uses on-site filters to show goods for big dogs only — we add that info to the profile. He buying the same dog food from month to month — we add that info too.

Result: Data, that the system collects can be used by any marketing tool. You can send the personalized promo email with good deals for large dogs owners. The chance that he will be interested in this email is high.


You customer leaves your site. It’s a typical situation, and the reason can be different — he found nothing, the price was too high, he changed his mind.

So it’s time for second tool — automated trigger emails. REES46 email-marketing tool finds the customer’s data and generates an email with goods. Not random, but only with goods that can be attractive to this shopper.

There are ten automated scenarios for trigger emails in REES46. Each of them considers the customer’s behavior.

Result: the data from virtual profile makes an email more personalized, adopted for every recipient. It makes more conversions.


Segmentation. Without it, any marketing activity is like to use a sledge-hammer to crack a nut.

Our platform helps to divide your customers by the common attributes:

  • Geo-location.
  • Age.
  • Gender.
  • Income.
  • Children.
  • Car model.
  • Etc.

Specific attributes:

  • Pet breed.
  • Skin or hair type.
  • Etc.


  • How often does the customer react to ads and emails and how?

Result: segmentation helps you to set targeting for emails, push notifications, on-site product recommendations, banner ads. Such kind of marketing acts more precisely, and you save money for that.


In some cases, users don’t give you an email. Maybe he didn’t order or didn’t subscribe for your emails. So it’s time for RTB — this tool can return this customer.

But if Google banner ad chases the customer even he has bought the product — our ads knows when to stop, because it tracks customer’s activity on other sites.

Result: REES46 unites the data of customer activity on your site and other sites too. If he buys the promoted product on your competitor’s site — we will stop to show the useless ad.


Regular emails have low conversion rate; the reason is high bounce rate on the phase of product viewing.

Our bulk and trigger mailings tools act together — all recipients, who click and watch the product but haven’t completed the purchase, will receive a trigger mail.


Result: the high growth of purchases from mailings. A bit in percentage, a lot in revenue.


Traditional email marketing is still important, but there are new topical channels for e-commerce now — there are push-notifications, on a mobile device and browser as well. The main feature of this messages is a fantastic number of views.

Push-notifications, like emails, can be bulk (manual) and trigger (automatic).

Result: every push-notification is personalized too — so the customer will see only what he interested in. And REES46 doesn’t send push notifications at three a.m. — the virtual profile data helps to choose the best time for it.


One of the most irritating things in digital marketing — there’s no unified analytics platform for all these tools. If you haven’t the enormous and expensive marketing automation platform — you’ll gather all your statistics using built-in tools for emails, push, and recommendations separately.

It’s uncomfortable. So we make the single dashboard with all KPI’s and statistics in REES46.


Result: you save money for campaigns analyzes.


That’s not the full list of features. For example, REES46 has its partner program — so you can participate, gain money and spend it on inner payments. So you can use REES46 totally free in fact.

But it’s another story. You can learn more at our website.

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