Build a Lucrative Online Business with PrestaShop

Some people call PrestaShop “Opencart’s little brother” or “different platform for creating online stores”, but the facts are self-spoken. Here is a fact  — PrestaShop is one of the most actively employed platforms for online business. Here is another fact  — 300,000 successfully operating stores are built on PrestaShop.

If these facts sound small to you, here is an infographic — to see… at scale:

PrestaShop is only the third after Magento and WooCommerce (Host IQ)

What Makes PrestaShop So Well-demanded

Reason #1. Right Targeting

Not to delve into a lot of statistics, let’s shape the answer: PrestaShop is made for aspiring entrepreneurs from the Long Tail. Multiple eye-catching well-designed templates make it choice #1 for gworing businesses moving from Joomla to a more sober CMS.

Loot at this — isn’t it an eye-candy?

Reason #2. It’s Free

Just as said on their site, it’s free of charge to use because – “We believe everyone should have the ability to start an online store for free.”(c). For this obvious reason a lot of growing online businesses prefer PrestaShop to other CMS’s that lack sensible pricing.

Reason #3. No Limit in Product Number

Lots of CMS’s can give you a headache with product number limit. Wanna show more products in your catalog  – pay more.

PrestaShop declares an open policy on product number, which makes it ready for store of any size — a hypothetical second Amazon can emerge from PrestaShop anytime.

Reason #4. Eye-catching Adaptive Design

Mobile-ready is the first requirement for any site these days and is the proverbial marketing pillar. If in 2012 mobile users generated only 30% of the traffic, this year metrics show a gigantic increase in mobile users.

Today’s leaders in mobile traffic are: Apparel & Accessories – +40%, Consumer Electronics – +40% and Home Appliances  – +45%.

PrestaShop features adaptive design as one of their main assets – it becomes obvious the moment you start with their demo.

They are right to do so because a flexible appealing template is what will make visitor stick to your site like a fly to honey and what gives you better positioning in search results.

Give customization a whirl – with more than 1900 pre-built templates.

Reason #5. Rich Immediate Functionality

While bare OpenCart lists a mind-boggling number of available extensions (and one could argue if it’s an asset at all for the new users), PrestaShop packs up rich functionality for immediate use and needs only a few modules for personal customization.

Take a look: sales analytics, order analytics, details on AOV, visits, conversions, SEO-optimization on every level.

Need more? Custom user rights for owner, marketer and other employees. Pre-built payment modules.

The list goes on. A functionality that rich might sound scary if it weren’t for the next reason.

Reason #6. Excellence in Ease of Use

PrestaShop is one of the easiest CMS’s to manage with its easy-to-grok interface (hello, Drupal!).

With the visual editor that friendly, every step that is supposed to involve programmer skills is shaped up to be a piece of cake. Here is how set-up Shopping Card rules look like – with all the fields, tips and switches:

Reason #7. Ultimate Support

Live and growing multi-language communities have been the strongest reason to draw new users to PrestaShop. It even has a lot of tech evangelists – latest years’ trend – proving it’s on the cutting edge in this field.

An important element of PrestaShop’s support is a worldwide network of web agency partners.

These partners are there to help you asap with any technical issues. Choose the country, field of expertise and you have a complete list of agencies ready for action.

Another key element of PrestaShop’s support is the company blog that exists since 2007 to train a businessman in each of us.

Reason #8. Modules for Efficient Marketing

PrestaShop Marketplace features numerous addons to help your store grow. These are quality work.

Among them, REES46 Marketing Automation Module stands out as a live link to full automation of marketing & progressive personalization solution for your store.

REES46 helps you work up your customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle:

  1. Acquire new leads through targeted display ads in numerous affiliate networks.
  2. Convert more visitors into buying customers with personalized product recommendations.
  3. Automate your email and push marketing with a broad set of trigger scenarios.
  4. Recover abandoning customers with useful remarketing techniques.
  5. Induce repeat purchases with marketing emails and web push notifications.
  6. Segment your audience based on intelligent built-in algorithms or create custom target groups.
  7. Control your every move with comprehensive real-time metrics within a single interface.

Installed in one click right from PrestaShop Dashboard, it’s configured in few and ready for superior sales.

Don’t believe, until you see — hit the step-by-step guide for REES46 Module for PrestaShop v.1.5-1.7.

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