How-to: Solving “No REES46 Module on PrestaShop Marketplace” Problem

Every marketer dreams about a proper marketing automation solution that can personally tailor the customer experience to the needs of every visitor. All of you know REES46 as an efficient suite of tools (welcome, new blog visitor!) available for a store of any size and niche. Marketing emails, promo web push notifications, behavioral triggers, smart segmentation, dynamic recommendations for product personalization – all that and more is at hand the first minute after the integration.

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Build a Lucrative Online Business with PrestaShop

Some people call PrestaShop “Opencart’s little brother” or “different platform for creating online stores”, but the facts are self-spoken. Here is a fact  — PrestaShop is one of the most actively employed platforms for online business. Here is another fact  — 300,000 successfully operating stores are built on PrestaShop.

If these facts sound small to you, here is an infographic — to see… at scale:

PrestaShop is only the third after Magento and WooCommerce (Host IQ)

What Makes PrestaShop So Well-demanded

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