How Can UGC Help Online Retailers?

UGC stands for user-generated content i.e. the content created by the user. You cannot underestimate its value in modern eCommerce – today each type of UGC is itself a useful conversion tool.  You can convert via product reviews, seller ratings, even via hashtagged photos, video reviews and contest materials from your audience.

Let’s focus on the main three types of UGC: photos, video and written reviews.

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How to Keep Calm and Enable REES46 Feedback Tool

There are more ways to work with customer feedback than you can imagine. Public customer forums used as helpdesks to resolve upcoming issues. Monthly surveys to learn what your customers think about your services. VoC services. Visual bug trackers running online on your website. Google Forms. The list goes on…

What has been lost between the lines? The two activity types essential for effective feedback management:

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