Influencer Marketing Research

Influencer marketing is a rapidly growing market that has shown increasingly more potential to become a new way of communication. It doesn’t matter what type of products you are selling, there are people out there on social networks that could share your product with their community. Imagine being able to reach over 50 000 individuals right in your target group by sending the right message via the right channel in the exact right way. Great way to gain visibility, right?

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AI in eCommerce – is it the Real Deal or another Hype-Train to nowhere?

“(AI is) the holy grail that anyone in computer science has been thinking about.”

Bill Gates

Statistical forecasts praise Artificial Intelligence. According to the experts’ opinion from Markets and Markets, the AI market will reach $5.05 bln by 2020. Gartner predicts that in 2018 AI will support 6 bln IoT devices and that in 2020 more than 85% of all interactions with online shoppers will be controlled by AI. Average investments in an average AI startup, according to AngelList, will be approximately 5 million USD.

The future of AI is believed to be bright – experts keep this topic hot, continuously discussing that someday AI will replace millions of jobs and will open up greater opportunities for all sorts of industries, from healthcare to eCommerce.

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Subject Lines that Work Every Time or How to Make Them Open that Email!

Email marketers spend weeks conceptualizing the email campaign or program,  crafting the flow and design, choosing a promotional offer you can’t refuse, and tailoring their messaging to a specific audience and need.  The subject line often appears at a later stage of the process as an afterthought without the same amount of consideration.  From the viewer’s perspective, however, the subject line is where the campaign starts. If you fail to captivate them in that moment, it’s probably also where the campaign ends.  

In our previous posts, we’ve touched on the topic of subject lines. Today, let’s break down the anatomy of subject lines anatomy and the psychology behind what makes people click.  

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Retail Apocalypse: Will Offline Shopping Become Extinct in the Next 10 Years?

Remember the days you could stroll into a department store and walk the aisles? Those days might soon be over.

According to research conducted by GetApp Labs, we are witnessing a major shift towards online shopping. The study surveyed 200 US retailers with inferred annual income of  $24,000-$150,000. The key question posed by the researchers was,  “Do you plan to abandon brick-and-mortar stores in favor of online or web-based retail in the next 10 years?”

Over 66% of participants agreed, answering either “likely” or “extremely likely.”  One-sixth of the respondents maintained that they would hold on to their physical store locations for as long as they are still profitable. Is sticking with the traditional model a rational choice, or simply resistance to change?

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Point of Attention: Zoey eCommerce Platform

Better functionality, easier control — this is the last years eCommerce main trend. eCommerce is being simplified to avoid unnecessary staff costs when you have to hire developers to run and support your e-store. Now one person is enough, and it can be you. You don’t even need any HTML skills.

Zoey is one of the CMSs that can be run by an eCommerce newcomer with no web designer or front-end web developer skills. All that ease-of-use doesn’t mean you’re looking at another “Pssst! Primitive tools for a sketchy website. Hosting for free!” deal. Zoey is a professional system both inside and outside. Let’s prove it.

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Cart Abandonment? Tools to Fix, Cases to Use

Customers abandoning their carts, leaving your store? Reasons may vary, but the fact remains: Baymard Institute’s research shows almost 70% of all carts get abandoned.

Does it mean you have to reconcile to it and keep losing profit? Nobody will judge you for it…but why? When there are simple and effective remarketing tools for recovering lost carts along with those customers? Let us show you the main three—email marketing, web push notifications and dynamic display ads—along with the real use cases, and let you have a change in opinion.

Before we start with the combating techniques, a word of advice to help you nip the problem in the bud.

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+24% Sales: How Progressive Personalization Works in eСommerce

Today, we are going to talk about “personalized product recommendations” technology, give you an overview of the technology, and discuss key elements, supported by examples.

If you are dealing with the personalized product recommendations software for the first time, it may look complicated but in fact, software is purely based on consumer behaviors. The tool works by gathering data about your consumer and analyzing their browsing and buying behavior patterns.

For instance, imagine that somebody visits your online store for the first time, and suddenly spots products on your main page, which they were looking for earlier the same day. It means that visitor was already looking for that product configuration across Internet, and now he visits your Ecommerce website, where exact product category appears to him in your sales catalog. Same thing happens if somebody browsed through a specific category, like “Running shoes” in your store, the software will automatically generate a list of most popular running shoes models available in your store.

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Complete Guide to REES46 Unified Dashboard

All of you have seen REES46 Unified Dashboard. We managed to put together the key performance indicators, graphs, and stats, and arrange them on a single panel. Now, instead of juggling 25 opened tabs while trying to check the CTR of your email campaign, results of your traffic analysis or performance of any other marketing tool, you just keep opened one – REES46 Dashboard. It has it all.

Today’s post is devoted to our Dashboard, its widgets and the most important eCommerce KPIs. Read our guide to precise and efficient control.

A teaser to keep you reading:

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Remarketing: If Internet Ads Were Salesmen

Despite its rich history some online stores still don’t use remarketing. There is a reasonable explanation for that – they just don’t know how it works. Hence they don’t know why they need it. Let’s hit that topic and answer the essential questions while showing you why exactly proper remarketing tools are vital for one of the most important KPIs in eCommerce – LTV.

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Value over Price. Negative Impact of Lower Prices

In this digital world of constant competition, everybody is used to the dumping: all retailers, top or small, your direct competitors, your customers. You think this tactic gives you more sales, more clients, a stable niche but you’re betting on the wrong horse playing “by the price.” “Why?” – you’re asking? Today you’ll see the fundamental flaw of this approach and learn why this tactic has the power to give your online store no competitive edge at all.

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