REC ONE In-store Advertising
In-store advertising

Promote products from your catalog or sell best spots to merchants through auctions cutting red tape.

Available Inventory

The promoted products are selected from your catalog and placed in premium spots. You have different inventory types at your disposal.


Premium spots

Sponsored Recommendation Blocks


Top positions of the search results


Target audience only

Ads impression customization is valid not by target visitors only, but also by catalog categories.

ABC income and geography segmentation.

Gender, age, shoe and clothing size, marital status.

Skin and hair type and condition, predisposition to any allergies.

Stage of house renewal, apartment or detached house, professional worker or amateur.

Number, gender and age of children.

Number, breed and age of pets.

Car, model and features.

Traveling, its frequency, destination and price segment.

For Online Marketplaces

Online Marketplaces use best spots to earn more on catalog ads.