REC ONE is built to drive profits from sales and ads without losses in conversion rates.
In-store Advertising
Programmatic in-store advertising platform for online retailers built to drive profits from ads without losses in conversion rates.
Request your free trial
14 days. No credit card required.
Request your free trial
14 days. No credit card required.
Promote products from your catalog
Rec One promotes products that are available in your store and do not lead shoppers to other stores.
Reduce costs
You have lower costs because REES46 takes care about communications with advertisers, documents and reports.
Your rules
You choose Brands you work with and products you promote.
More Brands - More Reward

Increase average ad price by encouraging Brands to compete for your ad space in real time.

Real-time analytics

You get real-time ad performance analytics: views, clicks, revenue.

More inventory types

You can use up to seven types of ad inventory to get more revenue on the same traffic.

How does it work?

Create and set your inventory.
Invite advertisers
Provide Brands with the inventory they can use.
Deliver ads 
to your customers.
Track results and grow revenue.

You control exactly where to place the ads. The promoted products are selected from your catalog and placed in premium spots..

Available Inventory


with the best findability:

  • on all pages;
  • СPC/СPM;
  • flat rate possible.


Relevant to the current context:

  • On category page;
  • On product page.

Product Recommendation Blocks

Promoted products are located on the premium places.

Sponsored Products Blocks

Let ads be discovered in separate blocks on every page and in mobile app.

Ads In Emails

Optimized for mobile devices

  • Premium placement in product recommendation blocks
  • Targeted promo blocks

Web push notifications

Regular web push notifications campaigns featuring promoted products

Selling Ad Spaces through Auctions

Rank advertisers based on their bids and sell ads to the advertisers who value it the most. Your revenue grows by 10-30%.

Real-time performance analytics & insights

  • Total revenue
  • Ad inventory performance
  • Bids
  • Ad views
  • Ad clicks and sales
  • Conversion
  • Calendar