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with eCommerce behavior data.
Get free datasets with detailed behavior of eCommerce users from different categories of retailers for your neural network.


Create awesome datasets from your website or mobile app using our customer data platform REES46 CDP.

Dataset type
Time frame
Download link
ElectronicsBehavior eventsOct 2019 – Feb 2020Open →
Direct messagingMessagesApr 2021 – Apr 2023Open →
Multi-categoryBehavior eventsOct 2019 – Apr 2020Open →
ElectronicsTransactionsApr 2020 – Nov 2020Open →
CosmeticsBehavior eventsOct 2019 – Feb 2020Open →
JewelryTransactionsNov 2018 – Nov 2020Open →


Based on our datasets.

Efficient Conversion Prediction in E-Commerce Applications with Unsupervised Learning
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