Drip campaigns for eCommerce
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Drip Campaigns for eCommerce
Increase your returns and the store medium check automatically and without developers.
Easily create batches of bulk emails and push messages to achieve all kinds of marketing objectives: renew an abandoned order, cross-sell or pursuade a subscriber to make his or her first purchase.
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Request your free trial
14 days. No credit card required.

Drips are better than trigger emails

Unlike usual trigger emails, a drip is not a single message, but a sequence of messages. It allows you to divide your audience into smaller segments, to deliver a personalized message to each client and to increase client conversion rate.

Write and design

To make a drip, you need just two things.

Set the logic

Select the conditions of delivery of emails and pushes to your clients. It is made in minutes in the graphic editor.

Design messages

Prepare content for emails or pushes — the material your clients will receive in the drips.

Develop without developers

You will learn to set drip working logic in several minutes and will be able to test your assumptions without drawing technical staff from their work.

Conditions and control flow

Decide on the cases in which each trigger drip or a separate bulk message will be launched and stopped.

Schedules and delays

Set a delay time after which the message will be dispatched.

Any channel

Choose email or push and the message to be sent in the case.

Performance approach

You will be able to test various scenarios and get comprehensive and transparent reports on the tool performance.

Monitor KPIs of the whole drip

You’ll see a comprehensive picture of dispatches, openings, clicks, purchases from the drip, rejections and unsubscriptions.

View detailed report

Reveal the bottleneck of the whole drip and high performing messages.

Launch A/B test

Just add a control flow in the right place to compare several scenarios.

Keep the best version

You’ll see comprehensive test results and find out which scenario works better.

Count income

You see not just results of the drip, but total returns brought by the tool in any given period.

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