Personalized Product Recommendations for eCommerce

Personalized Product Recommendations

REES46 learns customers’ parameters based on their behavior in real-time and dynamically removes products that the customer will never buy because they don’t fit.
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In online retail, personalization with Big Data remains the choice of retail giants. The reason is obvious – the need for heavy traffic that can create enough data for analysis. For average businesses with the number of daily visits under 30,000, Big Data cannot produce sustainable results.
This special report is created to shed light on Progressive Personalization – a high-precision type of personalization not requiring Big Data. With Progressive Personalization you will be able to add high-precision product recommendations to your store without the need to employ Big Data.
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Everything about your visitors

Progressive Personalization technology finds dozens properties of every visitor on the fly and use it to personalize visitor's experience.

Universal gender
Children age
Apparel foot size
Shoe size
Apparel complection
Clothing size
Cosmetics skin type
Skin type
Cosmetics hair type
Hair type
Universal allergy
Universal brands
Loved brands
Solutions pets
Solutions children
Auto model
Car model
Appliances revenue
Average income

Use maximum recommendation strategies for each page and customer situation

REES46 personalization engine displays product recommendations based on customer profile and product data to exclude irrelevant recommendations.

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Home Page:

  • Popular Products
  • Regular Purchase
Tablet recommendations category en

Category Page:

  • Popular In This Category
  • You Recently Viewed
  • You May Also Like These
Tablet recommendations product en

Product Detail Page:

  • Frequently Bought With
  • Similar Products
  • You May Also Like These
Tablet recommendations cart en

Shopping Cart Page:

  • Recommended For You
Tablet recommendations search en

Search Results Page:

  • Customers Who Looked For This Item Also Bought
Tablet recommendations error en

404 Page:

  • You May Also Like These
  • Popular Products
Tablet recommendations custom en

Any Page:

Set your custom product recommendation block using REES46. Employ multiple recommendation strategies within a single block to drive conversion and ARPU.

Quick and Easy Integration

In a simple few clicks, install REES46 plugin onto your store built on a popular CMS.

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Nothing fits? Just use our JS SDK for manual integration.

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REES46 is trusted by online retailers and brands around the world.

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