REES46 Personalized Product Recommendations

Personalized Product Recommenda­tions

Your store automatically adapts to each client, offering products that precisely suit his or her requirements. It boosts conversion into sales by at least 18%.

Ready templates

Choose recommendation algorithms you need, place it on any pages. Control the efficiency of blocks in the dashboard.

Popular products
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Last seen
Will be interesting
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It is easy to create your own algorithm

It is not necessary to use only prebuilt scenarios. Choose which products should be shown to each segment, manually select corresponding filters and publish your recommendations on any pages of the site.

Create logic
Set working principles for the block in the visual editor, which is not harder than drawing block diagrams on a white board.
Adjust output
Choose how many products will be displayed in the block, enable filters — by brand, by category, by product type and scores of other conditions.
Enable sorting
Decide on the order of display of personal recommendations within the block.

Performance approach

You will be able to test various scenarios and get comprehensive and transparent reports on the tool performance.

Monitor block KPIs
You will see comprehensive statistics: number of views, clicks, purchases per block, as well as average check and returns from sales.
Launch A/B tests
It can be easily done without developers: you just click on the button, set conditions, monitor KPIs.
Keep the best version
You’ll see comprehensive test results and find out which scenario works better.
Count income
Evaluate total returns brought by the tool in any given period.

Niche-specific customization

Owner of 40 cats does not need dog food. Show your guests what they are ready to buy: sector-specific personalization will take care of that by automatically filtering out unsuitable items.

Shoe size
Clothing size
Skin type
Hair type
Loved brands
Car model
Average income

Three levels of personalization

Use personalization levels to take into account all peculiarities of your business and to make even more sales.

Basing on Big Data analysis a software algorithm selects suitable products for each buyer, automatically increasing his or her cart value and the average check.
Recommendation blocks are adapted to specific features of each economic niche: peculiarities of products and buyers are taken into account. The store recommends products of suitable size, color, and model.
You set recommendation display conditions, test various assumptions, keep the most efficient scenarios. No programmers or extensive development are needed for the tests — their launch takes just a minute.

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