About REES46

About REES46

REES46 provides marketing professionals and online store owners with the intelligence and technology they need to develop their online business — all within a single interface.

REES46 was created in 2013 by a multinational team of aspiring marketers and developers with eCommerce backgrounds.

That year, we came up with the idea of Progressive Personalization and introduced a database of virtual customer profiles we’ve been growing since.

Now it holds 199+ million customer profiles each with its own detailed digital footprint — from gender and age to every minute detail such as particular interests, location, traveling statistics and even info about kids and pets. All that brings targeting to a whole new level.

In 2014, we optimized our recommending algorithms to run all calculations in under 30 milliseconds and made machine learning to accelerate and fix the cold start issue.

Also in 2014, we added trigger emails with dynamic product recommendations personally tailored to each viewer and our location-based marketing services based on iBeacon tech showed the first promising results.

2016 was a breakthrough year — we rolled out many new features: web push notifications, a remarketing tool for abandoning visitors, a feedback system with customer reviews and seller reputation, and new smart segmentation algorithms.

Now, we operate worldwide and build major connections in Europe and the USA.

We’re shaping our system to be a user-friendly unified solution, connecting tens of effective marketing tools to be used separately or in a bundle and showing every important KPI based on real-time analytics. An intelligible single interface to manage every next step.

Grow with us!