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Progressive Personalization technology in real time determines individual characteristics of each buyer to help your customers move forward with their purchase.

Universal gender
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Ring size
Jewelry bracelet size
Bracelet size
Jewelry chain size
Necklace size
Jewelry color
Favorite color
Jewelry metal
Favorite metall
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Targeted ads

Targeted Advertising

Display your ads to the right audience using extended contextual, demographic, and behavioral parameters. Improve targeting with niche-specific parameters.

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Personalized Product Recommendations

Increase your conversion rate and AOV (Average Order Value) with more personalized customer approach through individually tailored product recommendations.


Personalized Product Search

Improve customers' search experience by personalizing search results based on individual parameters.

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Bring Back


Abandoned Cart Remarketing

Engage customers who dropped their carts using responsive and non-intrusive banners. Pay only for the sales we help you make.

Email triggered

Triggered Emails

Bring back hesitant visitors and turn them into buying customers using triggered emails and grow your daily orders by 5%.

Web push triggered

Triggered Web Push Notifications

Send triggered, personalized web push notifications to your users, even when they left the website.

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Email digest

Emails with Personalized Product Recommendations

Send emails with personalized product recommendations to your customers to increase CTR up to 28%.

Web push digest

Regular Web Push Notifications

Instantly deliver special offers and hot sales reminders to your subscribers even when they are not on your site.

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Gain Loyalty


Gather Customer Feedback

Turn customer reviews and feedback into a sales tool. 61% of all customers base their purchase decision on product and seller reviews. REES46 helps add reviews to your website and turn it into a trust-network.

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All Under Control

REES46 offers you a wide range of tools for personalized communication with customers to optimize engagement and grow revenue.

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Progressive personalization en
In online retail, personalization with Big Data remains the choice of retail giants. The reason is obvious – the need for heavy traffic that can create enough data for analysis. For average businesses with the number of daily visits under 30,000, Big Data cannot produce sustainable results.
This special report is created to shed light on Progressive Personalization – a high-precision type of personalization not requiring Big Data. With Progressive Personalization you will be able to add high-precision product recommendations to your store without the need to employ Big Data.
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Quick and Easy Integration

In a simple few clicks, install REES46 plugin onto your store built on a popular CMS.

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Nothing fits? Just use our JS SDK for manual integration.

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