CPC advertising for brands

Get extra visibility of your products on thousands of e-sellers immediately.

REES46 is online-merchandising CPC-platform, which place the producer's goods on top shelves. More than thousand retailers will be your advertising network.

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Best shelving for products

Promote your product in the places where it's high probability for sale — in blocks of personal recommendations.

Icon omnichannel

Omni-channel promotion

REES46 covers all possible channels of online-promotion: best parts of website, email-marketing, automatic push-notification.

Icon analytics

Analytics and targeting

It's the powerful analytic tool for your service. You can segment the ad network and control the campaign with simple tools.



REES46 analyses the interests of tens of millions online-customers all around the world to make a precise forecasts. Shops in our network recommends only goods that user will buy. We suggest to become one of such shops.

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The main part of eCommerce still not using as an ads platform. That's small and medium stores, a long tail of eCommerce. The share of it's turnover is about 70%.

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The main difficulty in collaborating with a long tail shops it's a weak control. There are too many shops to contact with each of them manually. REES46 solves this issue, providing a united tool for automatic control of thousands ad campaigns in long tail at the same time.

REES46 provides views of a goods with high probability of purchase. Why that model of promotion is working?

  1. The most accurate targeting. You product will be shown just to customers who interested in purchasing of it, e.g to those who watched the same goods on other sites. It's possible thanks to giant amounts of data, analysing by REES46.
  2. It's not looks like an ads. User see your product in store and buy it. Everything looks natural.
  3. Noticeable but unobtrusive. Promoting good appears in all blocks of recommendations, it's hard to miss it.

Flexible and precise targeting

Icon geo

Select geography

Choose regions for your product promotion. It's easy to do with REES46 control panel.

Icon segments

Segment audience

Choose only interesting segments. REES46 recommendations use an industry-specific algorithms, so they create more sales.

Icon promote

Promote products

You can flexible customize your ad campaign, set optimal tactics for every product — an agressive expansion or effective treatment.


REES46 is integrated into thousands of e-shops. We have accesses for all recommendations blocks in it. When you launch your campaign your product appears in all this blocks, displacing competitors' product.

Set up campaign

Inside set campaign

Launch your campaign to put your goods into the most visible places in online-stores.

Push out competitors

Inside push competitors

Supersede the competitors' goods and make less views of it.

Use all channels

Inside channels

Create more targeted traffic using an automatic mailing tools: e-mails and push-notifications.

Our clients

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Studies shows that promotion with REES46 gives a good KPI regardless of product category — an electronics, baby products, clothing, FMCG or something else.

Case: Nikon

Icon time32 daysIcon wallet$112K

At three times more recommendations of your product. Triple growth of sales in recommendations blocks. Total sales increase from 219 to 256 items. The average cost of product — $360.

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Case: Samsung

Icon time32 daysIcon wallet$178K

50% more recommended views. Number of purchases increases from 374 to 496. The average cost of product — $317.

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Case: Neoline

Icon time32 daysIcon wallet$560

Number of views increases twice. Five times more recommended views. Number of sales grew from 0 to 7, 5 of them was recommended items.

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Today you can move ahead your competitors. Try new promotion model and evaluate its effectiveness and potential.

Promote products. Analyse results. Manage efficiency. Be ahead of your competitors.


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