Personalized Product Recommendations for eCommerce

Increase your sales without additional acquisition costs.

Every store visitor costs you money spent on advertising. A daily average of 98% of your ad budget goes down the drain, meaning you are constantly losing potential customers.

The reason for such a low 2% conversion is rather simple - it takes too much time for your visitors to find the products they have been searching for.

REES46 always gives your customers what they desire. From the moment a person lands on your website, REES46 starts building a profile based on comprehensive analysis of this visitor’s actions and quickly determines products this person is likely to buy. Our system takes into consideration specific details like age, gender, possible relationship status, particular preferences and so much more. Personalized product recommendations increase conversion rate by 18% on average for all your target groups.

Recommendations efficiency may vary for different product categories. This is often caused by the nature of the product:

  • for some items there are no accessories or complimentary products;
  • for furniture: related products may cost the same as the primary purchase;
  • for some products, sales may highly depend on customer’s physiological parameters: age, height, shoe size, body type;
  • for food niche: customers tend to stick to a certain range of product;
  • for cosmetics and beauty products: sales are brand- and skin or hair type-dependable;
  • for baby and children products: сhoice depends on the age, gender and constantly changing physiological state of the child;
  • etc.

What it looks like

Personalized Home Page

Home page is your store public image. Make it an asset. Add recommendation blocks with popular products, new deals and discounts to drive your sales up, wisely using the space on it. Make recommendations look personal as if they are tailored to each and every visitor.

Personalized Category Page

When a customer opens a certain category for the first time this person is indecisive and is usually looking for an opinion to rely on. A recommendation block with products popular in this category will help your customer to make the right choice.

Individual tailoring

Gain customer’s trust showing only the items tailored to this person’s needs and interest. No more abstract depersonalized selections of related products.

Accurate prediction

Gain loyalty of your customer showing products this person is thinking of or plans for a future purchase. Based on intelligent analysis of customer’s behavior, our smart engine predicts what products to show to induce a spontaneous purchase.

Shopping cart recommendations

A lot of customers are persuadable at the moment they are completing their purchase as they already decided to spend money in your store. Recommend interesting featured products on the shopping cart page to encourage an additional purchase and increase the Average Order Value.

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Quick and easy integration

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Stepan Ovchinnikov
Chief Executive Officer
Digital agency, InterVolga

My conclusion is that recommendation systems are effective in stores with small traffic. REES46 keeps showing most relevant products to each customer, automatically adjusting each time, and on the most visible parts of the website. It`s like a smart dynamic banner that sells much better than any static ads. Sales have grown by 11% and then 26%, which is an excellent result in my opinion. I would advise everyone to try it and see for themselves.

Julianna Chichirova
Chief Executive Officer
Eco-market, EcoHarmony

We connected our store more than half a year ago. REES46 showed a high level of efficiency and usefulness. Its recommendations are always spot-on, so our revenue grows daily. Their support team is always online and promptly answers every question. The tools are helpful and easy to use. Thank you for frequent updates and new features!

Anton Samovichev
Marketing specialist
Bags & Accessories, World of bags

Not so long ago I was advised to try REES46. Their detailed documentation and friendly tech support helped me quickly integrate my store, so already the next day I was able to use their tools. During the free trial I saw a visible increase in the daily number of orders and decided to buy a paid subscription. A month after, I saw return of all my investments, which came as a big surprise to me. I can see now that REES46 is a competent service provider and I`m glad to continue working with them.

Alexander Belousov
Chief Executive Officer
Gifts, PichShop

Pichshop was serviced by another company for more than 7 months. We were concerned about our growing expenses and tried to give REES46 a go. To our surprise, REES46 proved to be more flexible in price and settings, and their marketing tools perform exactly as we need them to. Currently we`re developing a new marketing plan and looking forward to their advanced segmentation tools, while their product recommendations help us personalise our marketing emails.

Oleg Semernin
Business Owner
Kitchen Furniture, Glavposuda

We`re very content with REES46 as it`s very affordable even for an SMB. You can easily manage recommendations, emails, different audience segments and quickly change product recommendations design right from their dashboard. Everything is at hand and performs well. Thank you, guys!

Demian Svyatogorov
Business Owner
Pharmaceutics, Mister Twister

At first I was skeptical about this marketing suite: it offers some optional recommendation blocks for my site, and this should increase my sales, they promise? But when I saw the revenue it generated me was ten times higher the money I put in, I fell in love. It`s such a rare case when you find a product that gives you so much and takes so little. I`m integrating REES46 with every store I have.

Mikhail Nozhikov
Business Owner
Sport & Leisure, Nozhikov

It`s been a year since we started with REES46, and we never had an issue – their product recommendations and trigger emails work just fine. Sales have improved by 18%. Not bad, huh?

We had everything configured by their skilled tech support.

I can safely advise REES46 to my e-colleagues.

Sergey Vinokurov
Business Owner
Cosmetics, FitoSolar

I`m currently using REES46 in my cosmetic store. It`s so cool when technologies previously available only to corporates are now available to average online stores. I`m sure my customers are pleased to get offers tailored by REES46. I pay a small fee for the services, and customers really start to shop more.

Roman Ovsienko
VP of marketing
Consumer Electronics, Deshevshe

A really fast and easy integration via their API. A nice visual editor for their recommendation blocks and email templates! It would take us a year to create something like this ourselves, but we don`t have to. We can use REES46 instead.

Ilya Shevelev
Business Owner
Auto Products, AutoComp

We`ve been searching for a good marketing toolset to use. REES46 looked promising, and about 3 months ago we finally decided to connect it with our store. Since that time we saw a significant growth in ARPU and a noticeable increase in the number of items per order. Our website became much more customer-friendly.

Shannon Ashcraft
eCommerce Manager
Fashion, ALO Yoga

There are so many solutions out there for onsite personalization, but we feel REES46 has been the best solution for us. Comparable services were either far too expensive to even consider or involved lengthy, complex integration processes. For me, REES46 was the way out. Everybody needs to know how fast and easy their Magento extension is. It’s amazing! The integration literally took 10 clicks and we finally added product recommendations to our store! I was pleasantly surprised with the immediate results we got, so now we’re expanding our personalized product recommendations to our weekly emails, too. We’ll be exploring their cart abandonment & browse abandonment emails soon and expect very great results. We’re also focusing heavily on mobile this year and plan to use their mobile solution. Overall, this is a great product and I highly recommend it to any business looking for an easy, fast & customizable solution that is guaranteed to increase sales and repeat customer rates.

Alexander Birman
Chief Commercial Officer
Cosmetics, Just Loveliness

A great SaaS! Best among all such services I’ve ever used. Especially for developing businesses.


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