Subtle Strategies to Drive eCommerce Sales

Subtle Strategies to Drive eCommerce Sales


This guide contains a range of not so popular but effective techniques of sales growth in eCommerce. All of them, one way or another, are connected with personalization.

Suggested techniques work on three different levels at once: help generate more revenue per user in real-time, stimulate repeat sales and indirectly improve customer loyalty.

Get this guide and learn about important aspects of implementing online store personalization:

  • efficiency of personalized product recommendations compared to manual product recommendations
  • principles of use of personalized promo elements on your website
  • efficient upsell and cross-sell automation: from peak to slump in customer demand
  • 2 secrets of using automated and personalized product recommendations
  • how to make search and comparison pages your sales assistant
  • personalized search results ranking
  • how niche specifics affects your sales process and personalization
  • win-win email subscription forms